What is Z-Score Training?

Z-score Training software was originally developed in conjunction with BrainMaster and Applied Neuroscience. It allows clinicians to train clients by comparing their live EEG data with an FDA approved database of over 600 adults and children. Consequently, trainees receive a reward when their EEG falls within a set limit such as plus/minus 1.0 Z-scores (standard deviations). 4-Channel Z-score training measures and trains live client data at four individual scalp sites as well as the connections between those sites. It calculates metrics such as power, asymmetry, ratio, phase and coherence amid 8 discreet bandwidths.

Z-score training is actually easier for the new practitioner to learn–even though its function is highly complex. For example, one can with paper and pencil determine the square root of a number or you can input that number into a calculator. Z-score training can calculate over 200 computations at once. With Z-score training the neurofeedback client is able to benefit from some of the most sophisticated and current treatments for mental disorders.


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